Stamp Screening Form

This form should be used with the centile quick reference tables or growth charts, and the weighing and measuring instructions. If you have any queries, please discuss them with a Dietitian.

Step 1 - Diagnosis

Does the child have a diagnosis that has any nutritional implications? View diagnosis table Score

Step 2 - Nutritional Intake

What is the child's nutritional intake? Score

Step 3 - Weight and Height

Use the centile quick reference tables to determine the child's measurements Score

Step 4 - Overall Risk of Malnutrition

Overall Score:

Step 5 - Care Plan

Use management guidelines and/or local nutrition policies to develop a care plan for the child.

High risk
  • Take action
  • Refer to a Dietitian, Nutritional Support Team or Consultant
  • Monitor as per care plan
Medium risk
  • Monitor nutritional intake for 3 days
  • Repeat STAMP screening after 3 days
  • Amend care plan as required
Low risk
  • Continue routine clinical care
  • Repeat STAMP screening weekly while child is an in-patient
  • Amend care plan as required
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STAMP should be used in association with Trust referral guidelines and policies.