Why use STAMP?

STAMP is a simple 5-step tool that was developed by a team from Royal Manchester Children’s Hospitals and the University of Ulster, the lead investigator being Helen McCarthy, former Lecturer and Honorary Paediatric Dietitian.


and BAPEN...

...recommend the use of nutritional screening in hospitalised children to identify those patients that are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition.3,4


"Have a rule of thought about your patient's diet, consider how much he has had and how much he ought to have today"

This quote by Florence Nightingale in her 1859 'Notes on Nursing' applies as much today as it did over 160 years ago, and not just for the nurse or the dietitian, but for all health and care professionals who work with children. Malnutrition is everyone's responsibility as it impacts on all aspects of care and can have long term implications for the child's development.

STAMP was developed as a tool to support the early identification of nutrition risk and appropriate intervention. It can be completed by anyone in the healthcare team.

It's time that we all acted together to STAMP out malnutrition.
Dr Helen McCarthy

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